Known as the Regolantahnteeok Yahvo, they were a dangerous sect believing they were to exercise Yahvo's judgment on those who could not truly understand him as they did.

Led by the man Airis, were writing illegal Ages in an attempt to create a race they could control and force to go to war for them. In 1303 a writer mysteriously left the Guild of Writers and Books and Ink went missing from the respective Guilds. King Koreen ordered tightened security on the Guilds, as well as a massive search for the vanished Writer, but all to no avail. In 1320 the Judges managed to write the Pento Age and had what they needed.

Pento War[]

In 1323 a group of Judges, along with Pento warriors attacked the palace. Koreen ordered his family out of the palace, as it was quickly being overtaken. The Judges began to destroy the D'ni City and kill more of its citizens. Koreen, who stayed in the City, was assassinated in 1352 by a group of Pento warriors being led by Judges, and the city was thrown into complete chaos[1] as the Judges claimed control of the D'ni government and began to move into other Ages.

The Judges eventually killed the leader of the Pento fearing that he was becoming more powerful and out of control. This led the Pento to a civil war, leaving the Judges empty handed. Their forces were spread out to other Ages and no longer fortified in the city.

Koreen's son Ahlsendar allied with the Pento warrior Mekarr who was against the Judges. In 1376, afer the victorious Battle of the Great King, Mekarr turned over two leaders of the Judges and Ahlsendar found the other three in the city. Some demanded their execution, but Ahlsendar refused: all five were sent to Prison Ages, and the Linking Books burned.[2]