Kadish was a D'ni engineer. He constructed Er'cana and claimed he wrote Ahnonay.

Kadish believed that he was the Grower prophesied by The Watcher and tried to fulfill whatever prophecies he could. He was the last owner of The Watcher's Sanctuary and used it to honor the Watcher and himself. He built the Path of the Shell to the ancient tree, following some of the "prophecies" mentioned in Words, and he was the only one who could solve it. Kadish would demonstrate his ability of reaching the tree to his visitors, holding challenges to see if anyone else could access the room, and confirm that only himself was the Grower. He also brought the Er'cana and Ahnonay Linking Books there. He claimed that through Ahnonay he could travel through time, back to Garternay as it was, as it is, and as it would be. All of these things to fulfill the prophecies.

During the Fall of D'ni, Kadish had a Book right there but didn't use it. He died along with the rest of the D'ni civilization and his remains were left there until modern times.[1]