An island outside the D'ni City where Faresh had a famous mansion. Elite officials were often seen at parties and rumors of "puzzle rooms" and "secret halls" grew throughout the city, and it became one of the more talked about buildings of the cavern. The popularity of Faresh's mansion, caused wealthy D'ni to request permission to build on the many islands around the D'ni city and in 5095 King Emen decided to sell over 23 islands of the government property to them.

In 5102 Faresh' daughter died mysteriously. Some thought the house was haunted while others (mainly government) thought she might have been a target of factions. In 5103 Faresh left the house unable to live with the memories of his daughter. The house was given completely (and secretly) to the Relyimah. Rumors of dark shadows in windows and boats silently rowing toward the island fueled the idea the house was haunted. It appears that Emen himself often made visits recommending a number of renovations (tunnels etc...) that he thought would aid them in their cause.[1]


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