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The 34th, last and most famous King of D'ni.


Born in 6677, he was the son of King Rikooth and Hisha. His mother had raised him to follow the teachings of Gish and eventually a whole-hearted believer in the Followers of Yahvo. Because of that and the experience watching his father interact with his advisers, Kerath had decided from an early age that a King was no longer the correct way that D'ni should be led. At least, he argued, not until the true Great King would come.

His father grew tired of her views and could not stand Kerath who was a model of her thoughts. In 6700 he expelled them from the Palace and appointed one of his older sons as his successor. However on his deathbead he saw a vision of Kerath riding a lizard-shaped ship through the King's Arch, which he took as a sign of Yahvo.

He took the throne on Leevofo 27 6731 at the age of 54. Kerath carefully crafted his arguments that the way his people had been ruled for thousands of years was wrong and should be changed, as a benefit for the Guilds more than anything else. In his speech he said "D'ni is the Guilds ... let us be protected by their fortress and be ruled by their wisdom." The Guilds of course supported this proposal, although there were only a few Grand Masters faithful followers of the Great King and Ri'neref, who had always supported the role of Kings, and seemed to disagree. The majority of D'ni however no longer followed those beliefs but instead those of Nemiya, Gish, The Watcher, and various others.

Kerath, attempting to further please the Guilds, recommended new renovations and additions to the Council Chamber and construction of a new Guild Hall, meant to celebrate their new power: Thus in 6970 the Tomb of the Great King was further buried under massive buildings dedicated to government and the Guilds.

By the end of his reign, Kerath had convinced a majority of D'ni of his own beliefs, most followers of Gish and his writings, and most viewed the outsiders as a threat, often saying "If not now, then soon". In 6997 Kerath abdicated the throne and gave over the power of the Kings to the first Five Lords of D'ni History. Kerath died eight years later.

The time of the Kings was over. His name came to represent all of the Kings in the later years, including the renaming of the Arch of Kings to the Arch of Kerath.

The day of his coronation (Leevofo 27) was commemorated as a holiday.[1]


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