Atrus arch

Sketch by Atrus, from Second Rime Journal.

Formerly known as the King's Arch, it was a landmark in D'ni city, modeled after a similar design on Garternay. It was prophesized that the Great King would be "welcomed" by the Arch and so its construction was obviously seen as very important. King Ja'kreen planned to rebuild it on D'ni.[1]

Guild Master Koris of the Guild of Stone Masons led the design of the Arch, which begun in 598. Actual construction started in 600 and it was completed in 625, on a day of great celebration. The completion also marked the first century of the presence D'ni people on Earth (625 being equivalent to a 100 in the 25-based D'ni number system). The Arch also allowed for the passage of the Great King according to the prophecy; all subsequent Kings of D'ni sailed through the Arch as part of their coronation ceremony, apparently as a symbol of the expected Great King.[1]

It was said that King Ahlsendar was born on the moment when his mother sailed directly through the Arch, on her way to escape the Pento War, thus fulfilling the prophecy that he was the Great King. Years later, he victoriously sailed through it again, on his way to reclaim the Palace.[2]

Before his death, King Rikooth had a vision, with his exiled son Kerath returning through the Arch on the prow of a lizard-shaped ship. He took it as a sign and decided to name Kerath as his heir.[3] In his honor, the Arch of Kings was renamed as Arch of Kerath.[4]

Modern era[]

A stylized Arch is used as the logo of the DRC.