Picture of Keta

Keta, also known as Leira, was a human[1] woman of the tribe Amad. Gehn lived some time with the Amad and married her.[2]

She referred to Gehn as her "salvation" and that somehow he rescued her. Gehn probably saved her life from a danger and thus she fell in love with him.[3] While they lived together, Gehn took an Imager recording of Keta, where she expresses his love for him in D'ni language.

In 9411 While Keta was pregnant to their son, Atrus, she fell ill and Gehn sought the help of his mother Anna. However the exertions of labor ate up her remaining strength and she died with a sigh of relief. After the long night, Gehn dug a shallow grave for her at one end of Anna's garden at the bottom of The Cleft, beneath a narrow outcrop. Then Gehn left the baby to Anna, as he retreated to the Cavern.

Gehn salvaged some artifacts related to her, which he took to Riven and then to the Age 233. A picture of her hangs in his living quarters, as well as her imager recording.[4] There were times when Gehn would be overwhelmed by loneliness and longing and would spend sleepless nights thinking of Keta.[5]


The appearances of Keta in Riven, her photograph and video recording, are performed by Kate Vander Wende, the beautiful wife of Richard Vander Wende, who is also credited as "beta tester" for the game.

The character is unnamed in Myst: The Book of Atrus. In Gehn's journals in Riven she is referred to as Keta, although in the game credits she is also referred as Leira. Richard A. Watson has made clear that Leira and Keta is the same person.[6]

It's possible that "Leira" was an early name for the character before Kate Vander Wende was cast for her role, and the character was likely established as "Keta" after her name (Keta seems to be an anagram of her name, Kate). The in-universe explanation must be similar: "Leira" was possibly the character's original name among the Amad, and "Keta" could be a name given to her by Gehn (likely a D'ni name, considering his chauvinism regarding the D'ni).


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