The leader and ruler of the D'ni people. The King had authority to pass laws and to order construction and building works around the Cavern, although not always without opposition from the Guilds, the official Church, or religious sects.

The first King was Ri'neref, the writer of the Age of D'ni and leader of those who shared his ideals and followed him there.

After the construction of the King's Arch, all Kings sailed through the Arch as part of their coronation ceremony. The King sat on a gold throne, which was originally in the Regeltovokum, and later was moved to the Temple of the Great King.[1]

Kings under the age of 125 who didn't achieve the Age of Wisdom were required to have official advisors. The Great King Ahlsendar, even though he reached 125 near the end of his reign, was the only King who had not an official advisor.[2]

The King could appoint a heir either from his descendants or his associates. During long periods of absence it was customary to appoint his heir as regent.[3] After the controversy sparked with King Lemashal's heirs, a new law required that a King had to be of pure D'ni blood.[4]

As Ahlsendar was buried with his crown, at his coronation ceremony Solath was given a newly designed crown, and it was common opinion among the D'ni that such a crown should not be worn again.[5]

The last King was Kerath, who believed that Kingship was no longer the correct way to lead the D'ni. Seeing that the destiny of D'ni lay on the Guilds, he made the necessary reformations, leaving the authority of the Kings to a Council of Elders he appointed and abdicated.[6]

List of KingsEdit

D'ni date Coronation
0 DE Ri'neref
120 DE King Ailesh
300 DE King Shomat
555 DE King Ja'kreen
812 DE King Veesha
997 DE King Mararon
1159 DE King Koreen
1376 DE King Ahlsendar
1501 DE King Solath
1779 DE King Me'erta
2015 DE King Gan
2070 DE King Behnashiren
2193 DE King Hemelin
2356 DE King Naygen
2533 DE King Hinash
2779 DE King Needrah
3000 DE King Rakeri
3219 DE King Tejara
3422 DE King Ti'amel
3654 DE King Kedri
3903 DE King Lemashal
4083 DE King Ishek
4291 DE King Loshemanesh
4438 DE King Ji
4692 DE King Demath
4843 DE King Yableshan
5081 DE King Emen
5240 DE King Me'emen
5549 DE King Adesh
5701 DE King Lanaren
5999 DE King Asemlef
6294 DE King Jaron
6498 DE King Rikooth
6731 DE King Kerath


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