Kirel is a neighborhood located in the D'ni cavern's "city proper" on the cavern wall. It is a mirrored version of the Bevin-style neighborhood with different-styled lamps and a more blue-green hue. It is currently used as a place to introduce newcomers to the explorer-run Guilds and can be linked to as soon as the Nexus is discovered and a KI obtained.

History Edit

Not much is known about Kirel during the time of the D'ni. When the DRC were working in the cavern, they used Kirel as a base of operations to send messages out to the other various hoods. After Phil Henderson supposed death, his Relto book was taken by Douglas Sharper to the spyroom. Crafty explorers were able to find the spyroom and get to Phil's Relto. Since Phil had been working for the DRC, he had a Linking Book to Kirel on his Relto shelf, which had been left unlocked. Using the book, explorers were able to visit the DRC's neighborhood.

Myst Online: URU Live Edit

After the first shutdown and subsequent return of the DRC, the group decided to convert Kirel from their offices to a centralized location to learn about the various explorer Guilds they wished to help create. As such, several tables and numerous Guild shirts were brought in to facilitate this. Once all was set, Cate Alexander and the rest of the DRC opened Kirel via a Nexus link. The Linking Book on Phil's Relto was also relocked.

Locations Edit

  • Fountain Area - You link in here.
  • Auditorium - Upstairs from the fountain area.
  • Classroom - Behind the Messengers table. Locked.
  • Egg Room - Behind the Maintainers and Messengers tables. Locked.
  • Book Room
  • Light Garden

Collectables Checklist Edit

  • Guild Shirt - Only one type of shirt to an explorer. See Guild Pubs.

Trivia Edit

  • The doors behind the Maintainers and Messengers tables were opened by entering the "Bob O'Goobo" code using the three sets of lights in the light garden (blue, green and orange). Since Myst Online: URU Live, this has been deactivated.
  • An audio message from Dr. Richard Watson (voiced by David Ogden Stiers) could be played by pressing the large blue button on the pedestal in the auditorium. This has also been removed as of MOUL.