A courageous D'ni nobleman of the highest ranks, and famous explorer who lived "countless generations" before Gehn, and well before the Great Exodus (therefore perhaps a Ronay).

He was the first to travel to other worlds without the means of a Linking Book. He engineered an astounding craft unlike any other for physical transport from the confines of the known stars. As a safeguard, he kept a linking book to the Age of Haven, where his wife and child waited.

He traveled on his star craft for several years until its instruments confirmed a celestial body with an accomodating environment "having a unique aura unlike any other". He learned the language, customs and technology of the natives and presented himself as a traveler from across the seas. He assimilated and became well respected in their community.

However days before his planned return trip, his craft was discovered, and the natives felt betrayed beyond reprieve, and he was sentenced to death. His body was severed into five parts, which were distributed across the land and sea as a warning to others. His linking book was fed to a sea beast; its inestines linked to Haven inverted remains, at the feet of Klvino's family.

A spherical D'ni/surface time converter is engraved with a map of Klvino's vindictive world, as a reminder of his story. The timepiece opens by applying pressure sequentially at the five points where his body was distributed, with a final touch of the sea beast.[1]


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