A great D'ni sculptor with fantastic skill and talent.


Born in 2708, he was probably from the J'taeri District of Ae'gura (if we suppose that the book "The Man from J'Taeri" is written about and named after him). He was a Guild Member of the Minor Guild of Sculptors at the same time with Needrah and the two were excellent friends. As Needrah took the throne in 2779, Lahkeer was starting to be recognized.

Needrah commissioned in 2807 the design for a monument to the discovery of the Book of Birenni, the chance Lahkeer needed to prove his skill to the public. After that, Lahkeer, Needrah and his brothers presented a plan for a new residential district, followed by more. His fantastic skill and talent pushed the expansions and consructions in the Cavern, complementing Needrah's persuasive speeches and motivational abilities.

Those who had seen his work were already claiming him as one of the greatest artists D'ni City had ever seen even though most had never heard his name.[1]