Painting in the Ae'gura Museum

A D'ni woman who helped to care for King Hemelin when he was sick with Ahlsendar's Plague in 2255. While in his deathbed, Hemelin found himself living just to see her again and Lalen must have felt the same way. Their love seemed to give the King new will to live until Hemelin recovered.

According to some accounts Hemelin married her in 2260.[1] Her relationship afforded her access to old histories. Two years later, rumors say that while searching through them she found hints as to where more of the Old Books of the Healers had been kept. It was a few months later that the Book of Birenni was found. The Guild of Healers developed a drink that prevented the body from contracting the illness even when directly exposed leading to the cure of the plague.

On the celebrations in 2262, King Hemelin and Lalen wed in a grand ceremony. As a result, the day became a day often chosen for marriage in later years. For the rest of his days Hemelin praised Lalen for saving him.[2][3]