The 21st King of D'ni.


Born in 3803, Lemashal was the son of King Kedri. He had been fairly involved in the Minor Guild of Actors, although it was said that what especially interested him was illusion, of which there had been a few different unofficial "magic clubs".

He took the throne in 3903 at the age of 100. In 3961 with quite a bit of trouble, forced the establishment of the Minor Guild of Illusionists. It was not a Guild that most found necessary but, Lemashal argued, that neither was the Guild of Actors, Painters, or Musicians. During a speech to the Council arguing for the establishment of the Guild, he said that illusion was a valid form of entertainment

Lemashal did not need Council approval, but he purposely wanted the debates to take place as a distraction. During the debates, Lemashal established an undercover highly secretive intelligence force to keep track on the more dangerous factions and sub-groups of D'ni. Of them, the public had little or no knowledge, until years later. With the confirmation of the Guild, the Relyimah were also established.

After Hinash, Lemashal was the first who looked toward the outsider cultures, leading efforts to supply better lives for them, along with freer trade and sharing of resources with other Ages, rather than the D'ni and expanding their own culture and territory. His first wife had passed away at a young age and Laashal remarried to an outsider in 3975. They had two sons, one in 3995, and another in 4014.

For the first time, the D'ni were truly confronted with their views on outside cultures and arguments started as to whether or not he would be allowed to someday rule as King. The remaining years of his reign were dominated by this debate. Although he could, Lemashal did not force his royal will. If his son were to eventually reign, he said, "It will only be over a people who want him to". In 4031, Lemashal signed into law the Council decision that a King had to be of pure D'ni blood.

When he died in 4083, he left the throne to Ishek.