This page is a list of ages found in the Myst series. For information on what an age is and how it is created, see Age.

Following is a list of Ages mentioned in the Myst franchise. This page uses a loose definition of "Age" in that it also mentions parts of Ages, such as K'veer or Tomahna, which belong to the D'ni Age (in other terms, the planet Earth).

All locations physically located on the Earth surface are in Age of D'ni. All underground locations are listed in D'ni caverns.

By Debut[]

This listing is sorted by where the ages were introduced, shown or described, i.e. the game, novel or other places (for example, the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) web site). Multiples of listings of the same age are thus possible. The listing tries to be hierarchical: if one Age is to be accessed via another, or is only mentioned in the context of another, it is mentioned therein.


Myst (realMyst)[]


Myst III: Exile[]

Myst IV: Revelation[]

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst[]

Uru Prime[]
Uru Live, Uru: To D'ni, Untìl Uru[]
Uru: The Path of the Shell[]

Myst V: End of Ages[]


The Book of Atrus[]

The Book of Ti'ana[]

The Book of D'ni[]

Web sites[]

Cyan's D'ni Website[]

All of these Ages are written by Atrus.

D'ni Restoration Council (DRC)[]

See the DRC website for more info.

Primordial Ages[]