In 5473 the Guild of Maintainers announced that the newly discovered Deretheni could be used to create much improved, and much more protective Suits. This resulted to a great impact on D'ni culture: the Guild of Writers were allowed to be a bit more liberal in their writing (as the Maintainers were able to take bigger risks with the types of Ages they could explore) and a new breed of Age begun, allowing for experimentation with atmospheres, animal life, and energy sources.[1]

The EV Suit was large and cumbersome, but it protected the user from all but the most extreme of temperatures and pressures. It was covered with sensors and air-sampling devices for later testing of the Age’s environment, as well as a clear visor for the operating Maintainer to actually see the age. If the sun was too bright or similar danger was apparent, the visor would black out instantly to prevent the bright light from damaging the Maintainer's eyes.


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