The sixth King of D'ni.


Born in 924, Mararon was the youngest son of King Veesha and a member of the Guild of Maintainers. At the age of 50, on a routine check of Ages, he was almost killed, perhaps by inhalation of toxic gases. He ended up falling into a deep coma and the Guild of Healers said he would never come out of. His father maintained his faith that Yahvo would heal him and declared this in a powerful speech. Mararon emerged in 977, an event that shocked the people. He took the throne in 997 at the age of 73.

His father had been an extremely religious man, though not everyone had agreed with his theologies, and Mararon had not done anything to offend the groups who had strongly disagreed with him. He even removed some of the strict convictions of his father.

It seems that a main concern of his was the D'ni education system and he was upset that so many of his own people were falling by the wayside. In 1124 Guild Master Ti'lanar of the Legislators submitted his paper "Minor Guilds" proposing the creation of new Minor Guilds where young D'ni could continue their education. Mararon was in immediate agreement with and following suggestions within the paper, began major renovations of that system. The first of these Minor Guilds included Architecture (a branch of the Guild of Stone Masons), Miners, and Educators, and Bankers among others.

From the various speeches and writings, it's obvious Mararon placed a strong value on life and did all he could to emphasize that same value to his people, as well as make the most of his own. Mararon was focused on his own life, making sure that he was living it to the fullest, including tasting hallucinogenic drinks and various drugs. It seems he carried out numerous affairs, and eventually he threw out the rules that his father had written regarding marriage and adultery. There were rumors about affairs with prophetesses, something extremely frowned upon; both the prophetesses and the religious community vehemently denied it.

The public chose to focus more on the benefits he had brought them than his shortcomings. Mararon died at the fairly early age of 235 in 1159 from natural consequences, possibly from his drinking and smoking, although many say it was somehow related to his coma. His older son Koreen took the throne.