Master Kedri was a Guild Master of the Guild of Legislators. He was a big, ungainly man, how was impatient and rude to those he outranked.


At some time Kedri apparently had seen the Book of Earth written by Ri'neref, or a copy of it. He knew that the climatic conditions of the Surface were ideal for the development of civilization.

During the Journey to the Surface, he was sent to represent his Guild along with 3 other observers as emissaries of the D'ni Council to inspect the progress of the excavation. 3 days later he complained to Master Telanis why the drilling was so slow. He pointed out that D'ni people are patient. Looking the look of challenge in his eyes, Kedri nodded. Telanis assigned his assistant Aitrus to Kedri. That night the Observers were at Telanis's cabin where Master Geran explained that they should take a detour to avoid a fault line, and Kedri was once more frustrated for the delay.

Telanis assigned Aitrus to Kedri's disposal for the next 11 days, to show and explain him how things work. From the first moment showed interest to hear about Aitrus's experiments while studying volcanic rocks. During their first day Kedri made a lot of questions about anything happening around. At the same time however he constantly commented upon how slow their methods are, and how overcautious, making him uneasy.

4 days later, he was in the refectory with the other Observers when Aitrus came with news that they were ready to start drilling the next section for the next stage of the excavation. The Observers went outside to witness the beginning of the next stage. Kedri showed interest in operating the fusion-compounder and Aitrus started to like him.

2 days after all of the different excavating tools were inspected for the next phase, Aitrus explained to him the excavation of the tunnel and the use of a Cycler. Then Kedri opened the controversial question about any surface dwellers. Telanis entered the discussion saying that the opinions of the elders matter; to stop the subject, he said that he will skip the bore samples to proceed directly to drilling. Kedri with the other Observers were in the chart room of the second excavator while watching the excavation from the screen.

Later, having donned protective suits, Aitrus led the Observers to see the excavations of the tunnel, and saw the use of the Cycler and the fusion-compounder. On their way out, Ja'ir wondered if there was anyone on the surface, and Kedri responded that the conditions were ideal for the development of an indigenous species.

He plays an integral part in helping Ti'ana gain equal rights in D'ni by finding key evidence that allows her to link to ages as well as being allowed to marry Aitrus.

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