The 28th King of D'ni.


Born in 5157, Me'emen was the first born son of King Emen and took the throne in 5240 at the age of 83.

After a plague outbreak in Nehw'eril many were frightened and started to evacuate the D'ni city. Me'emen summoned Grand Master Shemef and Guild Masters Anem and Raman of the Guild of Healers to the Palace, but was disappointed by their stance. Reportedly he spent days without eating or talking with his advisors. Then he admired the determination of Guild Captain Irem. Me'emen provided him with resources, and Irem found a cure some days later. Me'emen appointed Irem as a Grand Master and honored him, while he expelled Shemef, Anem and Raman from their Guild.[1]

At the suggestion to separate the industrial section far away from the D'ni city proper, Me'emen (apparently liking the idea) encouraged the Guild of Surveyors to begin looking into such expansion. With the development of the Stone Tooth, Me'emen immediately ordered the Guild of Miners to begin "clearing" an area (along with Stone Eater) for a new industrial district replacing Nehw'eril. In 5475 actual construction begun on the new industrial section Uran.

It seems that Me'emen himself paid little attention to the religious pulse of his people being much more interested in technological advancements and city expansion to care. During his reign "Words" became a common topic of discussion and attention was once again given to the older temples. Evidence points to numerous remodels and renovations of many of the secular temples that had been built years earlier on the "new" line of the Great Zero.

Once Stone Eater and Stone Tooth were unoccupied, Me'emen recommended them to build an underground tunnel connecting Ae'gura to the D'ni city proper, minimizing the need for boat travel. The proposition was rejected by most of the Guilds and met with protests especially by the upper D'ni classes who were living on The Island.

Me'emen's only son Ashem of the Guild of Healers became extremely ill while exploring an Age in 5540 and ended up passing away six months later. Me'emen considered the actions of his son heroic and changed the name of the Uran district to Ashem'en a year later. His death left Me'emen deeply saddened and devoid of the excitement he had shown throughout his reign and turned closer to the Prophetess Trisari.

He spent much time with her in his last days and died in 5549 at the very ripe age of 392, a content man thanks to her. He chose his nephew Adesh, probably on recommendation of Trisari, to succeed him.