A Pento warrior, son of the Pento leader. The Judges of Yahvo killed his father, but as he appointed no heir, he engaged in a civil war against his brother, Timaue. Despite his brother, Mekarr felt most strongly his people no longer owed the Judges anything.

When Ahlsendar returned to the D'ni city and conquered the Ae'gura Palace, he requested to begin negotiations with Mekarr. He agreed to help Mekarr defeat his brother if, in return, they would return to the Pento Age peacefully. Mekarr agreed if Ahlsendar would write them an Age to return to. In 1376 Ahlsendar led a force to the Pento Age and in the Battle of the Great King he led the defeat of Timaue and total victory for D'ni. Mekarr turned over two leaders of the Judges.

However in 1466 Mekarr (through other Books given to him by Judges) came to the Palace and killed Ahlsendar's wife and two sons. Ahlsendar himself killed Mekarr in what records describe as an "astounding battle".[1]