A Memory Chamber is an integral part of Serenian culture.

A Memory Chamber is actually a building built around a large plant that uses empty Memory Globes to preserve the memories of Serenians after they die.

In reality, the plant was written by Catherine as the fruiting body of a massive fungus, which recycles dead organic material into nutrients — in this case, memory globes filled with memories.[1]

The delicate inner heart of the Chamber emits a strong fragrance as part of its reproductive cycle. However as the plant matures, the gas becomes more toxic. When the plant becomes too old, the Protectors find a new flower.[1]


A story passed down among the Serenians was that a young boy grew very ill and died. The parents grieved over the boy and cried. However, their tears reached the roots of the first plant, who felt sorry for them and told them she'd preserve his memories so they could visit him at any time. The flower passed one of the tears back through the roots, turning it into a container to hold memories, and the father dove underwater to collect it.[1]

Sirrus and Achenar made plans to use the Memory Chamber to remove Atrus's memories in order to learn The Art from him. However, when Sirrius learns from Yeesha that she is learning The Art he instead attempts to use the machine to implant his own memories into her body.

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