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The Myst series was created by Cyan Worlds, with the initial game, and it's main setting, becoming the series' moniker.

Series Overview

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Production History

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List of Media


Main Series

Uru Series


In-Universe Chronology

  1. The Book of Ti'ana
  2. The Book of Atrus
  3. Myst
  4. Riven
  5. The Book of D'ni
  6. Myst III: Exile
  1. The Book of Marrim
  2. Myst IV: Revelation
  3. Uru Series (offline)
  4. Myst V: End of Ages
  5. Uru Series (online)

Myst Series
Main Series MystRiven: The Sequel to MystMyst III: ExileMyst IV: RevelationMyst V: End of Ages
Uru Series Uru: Ages Beyond MystTo D'niThe Path of the ShellMyst Online: Uru Live
Other Myst: Masterpiece EditionRealMystRealMyst: Masterpiece EditionUru: Complete Chronicles
Novels The Book of AtrusThe Book of Ti'anaThe Book of D'niThe Book of Marrim