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"Myst Online: Uru Live" is the online counterpart to Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, officially released on February 15th, 2007. It contains all the ages from the Uru games as well as several variances, such as different puzzles.

Though the game has been cancelled several times, Uru Live is currently hosted through Cyan Worlds after gaining back the rights from Gametap. It is currently free of charge and is run through fan donations.


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New Features[]

The online version added many new things to the Uru interface not included in the offline games. Users with KIs could take pictures or make diary entries. The KIs also served as a chat interface between players and could be calibrated to collect and set markers around ages.

Players were also able to travel to D'ni for the first time (excepting linking stones). The ferry terminal, library, and many other areas were open for players to explore. However, nearly all of this content was added into the single player game with the free expansion pack Uru: To D'ni, released after the cancellation of Uru Live.


Uru Live was originally the concept of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst until their publisher Ubisoft asked them to create a single player portion of the game, unsure whether or not the game would sell. After Uru: Ages Beyond Myst was released, Uru Live was supposed to be a subscription based service that would be separate from Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, but after several delays, it was cancelled in 2004. The online content was later released as a free single player expansion entitled Uru: To D'ni.

Fans began to host private server versions of Uru until Cyan Worlds decided to officially release Until Uru, which was simply Uru Live under a different name. However, it was shut down after the rights were acquired by Gametap.

Myst Online: Uru Live was announced at E3 2006 by Gametap. A closed Beta began in Fall 2006 run through Cyan Worlds. In late Fall and early Winter 2006, the Beta became open, but still separate from Gametap. In early 2007, an open beta was offered through the Gametap service. Gametap also began to feature an informational "Myst Online: 101" video to help initiate new "explorers" to the game and interface. On February 15, 2007, the game was officially launched through Gametap. However, it too was shut down after poor subscription sales.

In 2010, after much fan backing, Cyan Worlds reacquired the rights to the game and opened their own server, called Myst Online: Uru Live Again. Shortly afterwards, Cyan Worlds released the source code for the game, allowing fans to make add-ons and tweak the software and even accepting some fan made content for the official server. It is currently free of charge and is kept open by donations.


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Notes & Trivia[]

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