Myst #0, titled "Passages", is the prequel of the Myst comic book The Book of Black Ships. It was written by Chris Ulm and drawn by Kirk Van Wormer.


The story begins with Atrus haunted by his memories with his father Gehn during his childhood, and wondering if showing compassion to him (by allowing him to live stranded on Riven) threatens his new life on Myst Island. It was the compassion that Anna showed toward Veovis that allowed him to destroy D'ni. Seeking for an answer, he then proceeds to the main story, a legend of D'ni that he has heard or read, about the story of Varsil, the 'first D'ni Guild Master' who discovered and perfected the Art, and his apprentice Atak.

When Varsil created the first Linking book leading to a food Age ending the famine, the King Clevis offered to give Varsil anything he desired. Varsil asked to marry the daughter of the King. The King refused to do so. Varsil went mad and vowed to take his revenge using the power of the Art. To prevent this, Atak blinded him.

Weak points[]

The comic is out of production because it was frowned upon by Cyan, owner of the Myst franchise, as well as by Myst fans, as the comic was not faithful or consistent to the Cyan spirit, and known D'ni history.Template:Fact

There were questionable points in the story such as:

  • In the introduction, Atrus is said to be on Myst island, however his "office" is clearly taken from the K'veer room from the ending of the Myst game.
  • Anna is wrongly mentioned to be Atrus's mother, while she was his grandmother.

The story's timeframe is vague: The Art was known before the D'ni arrived on earth. Basically, that's how the Ronay arrived to Earth. Same applies to Guild and Guildmasters who existed even before their known history. According to Richard Watson, it is one of the many and conflicitng "legends about the beginning of the Art".[1] It is therefore possible that the story takes place before the arrival, and therefore the story taes place on Garternay.


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