Myst: The Book of Black Ships was a scheduled four-issue comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics that attempted to shed light to the events happened before the Myst game, and explain all the malevolent actions of the two brothers, leading to their imprisonment in Atrus' books.

The first issue, titled "The Joining", was written by Chris Ulm and drawn by Doug Wheatley. It showed the two sons of Atrus, Sirrus and Achenar, with their first introduction to evil, becoming members of the Black Ships Pirates who ravaged the Mechanical Age.


A notable blooper was the switching of the boys' names and characters (Sirrus ought to be the thin one). The publisher refused to correct the mistake, after which Cyan cancelled the contract.Template:Fact

The second issue was planned to have the title "Betrayal" but the issue was followed only by a #0 prequel issue; due to the cancellation of the series, issues 2 to 4 were never published.

In a question by a fan concerning the childhood of Sirrus and Achenar, Rand Miller mentioned the comic as an attempt for this, expressing his disappointment.[1]