Nara is a metallic green-black stone 30 times the density of steel and the hardest of all D'ni stones. Nara is created by dumping excavated rock into a huge machine (a fusion-compounder) that reconstitutes its matter, reforging its atomic links to reduce its volume by 200.[1][2]

The first step in the development of Nara was in 4826, when a "non paying" member of the Guild of Stone Masons headed the effort to devise early fusion-compounding technology.[3]

In 5307, during the reign of King Me'emen, the Guild of Miners and Guild of Stone Masons worked together and they revealed that created Nara in the laboratories. Nara offered tremendous opportunities for mining and construction and ended up having a massive impact on future opportunities for D'ni. Even at the time of its release, there was apparently much excitement about its potential.[4]

In the time of the Fall of D'ni, nara typically came in a red cylindrical jacket to be portable. Then those caplets were loaded to other machinery operating in high pressure, that burned away the cylinder and made the nara again volatile and useable. In a volatile form, nara could be sprayed as eg. a coating for tunnel walls.[2]

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