Narayani were the humans of Narayan. The only known Narayanis are Saavedro and Tamra.


They managed to survive thanks to a precarious, carefully managed symbiotic relationship between 2 life forms, the Lattice Trees and the Puffer Spores, which allowed them to build their structures and civilization. The rigorous discipline of constantly tending the Tree, developed into a ritualistic set of traditions and ceremonies. Narayani civilization became tradition-bound, as their existence depended on this. As much as 80% of waking hours was devoted to sophisticated activities that tend to the ecosystem and maintain the lattice-root infrastructure.[1]

They trimmed the delicate lattice roots, and Weave niches into the branches. At dusk they go to the rift and play with pipes drawing them in close, and they dragged them with nets. The spores are weaved into the niches in order to be grown to new structures. Old and new growths are spliced together so the walls of the houses grow strong. They also carved Spirit Masks into the Tree.[2]

Narayani society included a caste of Elders who were responsible for the maintainance of the critical traditions.[2]

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