Moiety woman

Portrait of Nelah.

Nelah is a Rivenese woman, and old friend of Katran. She joined the Moiety against the rule of Gehn on Riven. When Katran returned to Riven years later, she was received by the Moiety as a divine saviour. Nelah and Eti stayed close to Katran during these challenging moments.[1] When Katran wrote Tay, Nelah relocated there along with the other rebels. When Katran was captured by Gehn however, it was Nelah who was allowed to bring food to Katran in her cell on Prison Island.


Nelah and Moiety men.

When the Stranger came to Riven, Nelah, in one of her visits, told Katran about his arrival and the books he brought with him, taken by the Moiety. By her descriptions, Katran understood that the visitor was a friend of Atrus and the captured book was a Prison book written by Atrus for Gehn, and she ordered Nelah to return it to him.[2]

When the Stranger was captured on Tay, Nelah came to his cell and brought him the trap book and Catherine's journal along with a note for him written by her in her cell. Then she returned with a linking book and a Book window for the Stranger to return to Riven and complete his task.


Nelah was played by Christine Steele.

When Nelah appears in the game, she speaks to the player in the Rivenese language. Her lines were written by Richard Vander Wende and a translator who worked for Cyan. However the speech remains untranslated and it is unknown what she said.[3]

It is not clear in what capacity she was allowed by Gehn to bring food to Catherine. Obviously she was in Gehn's service, without Gehn knowing her double capacity.