A DRC contractor who by 1998 was studying the D'ni language. After Sam Reynolds could not help Douglas Sharper, White agreed to help Sharper in Teledahn. Sharper found him nice and smart, picking up the language fast. In the past he had some bad experiences with Ikuro Kodama and Willow Engberg. He also had done some official translation for Rebek. His translations helped Sharper learn the history of Teledahn and understand how to operate its machinery.

By 1999 he had gained Sharper's trust. After delivering the official reports to Watson, Sharper handed him some manuscripts he didn't report to the DRC, which White agreed to keep between themselves. Thus they learned about the slave trade taking place on the Age and Rebek. In 2000 Sharper asked Watson about Rebek, making Watson wondering how Sharper knew about it. Sharper lied that White mentioned the name; as White had worked on Rebek, Watson believed his explanation.[1]

Among others, White had translated 42B, 43C, 21D, 28B.