Oma and his brother Esel are D'ni, the sons of one of the survivors of the Fall of D'ni who linked away. Despite growing up in another Age they are self-taught historians with much knowledge of the D'ni language and culture. they became staunch allies of Atrus, joining in his efforts to restore the D'ni civilization.[1]

While Atrus was writing Releeshahn as a new home for the D'ni, they uncovered a new D'ni history and wondered whether their new home would have plenty of paper supplies so that they would start its translation, and needed Atrus's opinion about it.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The reference about the translation is obscure: The D'ni survivors spoke D'ni so there would hardly be a reason to translate a D'ni history into another language, unless we suppose that they wanted to translate the history into (or from) an Outsider language.