A race of warring tribes from the Pento Age, written by the Judges of Yahvo.

In 1323 a group of Judges and Pento warriors attacked Koreen's palace and as they overtook it, Koreen ordered his family out. In 1352 Pento warriors being led by Judges assassinated Koreen.[1]

After the coup the Judges and the Pento claimed control of the City of D'ni and began to move into other Ages. Soon after they had killed the leader of the Pento for fear that he was becoming more powerful and out of control. As he had not declared an heir, his two sons fought for the throne and led to a civil war, leaving the Judges empty handed. Their forces were spread out to other Ages and no longer fortified in the city.

Within 15 weeks after the death of Koreen, Ahlsendar formed a small force and informed the Pento that he wished to begin negotiations with the warrior Mekarr, who believed that he didn't owe anything to the Judges any more. He allied with Mekarr against his brother Timaue if, in return, they would return to their home peacefully, and agreed to write for them an Age. In 1376 Ahlsendar led a force to the Battle of the Great King, which resulted to the defeat of Timaue and total victory for D'ni.

When Mekarr turned against Ahlsendar in 1466, he ordered the release of a plague to the new Pento Age, despite his counselors advising against it. 3 days later the entire population of Pento died. Some linked to a number of other Ages and infecting numerous other cultures.[2]