Pento is an Age written by the Judges of Yahvo, with the intent to create a warrior race that could conquer the D'ni. After hiring a Writer and stealing Ink and Books from their respective Guilds, they experimented with writing illegal Ages. The Pento Age was written in 1320. The warring tribes Pento invaded D'ni, causing the Pento War.[1]

In 1376 Ahlsendar led a force to the Pento Age. In the Battle of the Great King, Ahlsendar led the defeat of Timaue and total victory for D'ni. To reward Mekarr, Ahlsendar wrote for him a new Pento Age.

Against the warning of his advisors, Ahlsendar kept the link open, for the continuation of the resources from Pento.

However in 1466, Mekarr turned against Ahlsendar. 2 days later, Ahlsendar ordered the release of a plague to the new Pento Age, despite his counselors advising against it. 3 days later the entire population of Pento died, infecting other cultures (to where the dying Pento linked to) as well.[2]