The observer's chair from above (scene not seen in game)

Planetarium is a building on Myst Island, next to the Library. It's roof is a blue dome.


The console

Inside there is something like a dentist's chair. A switch activates it, darkening the light, and portrays a starry sky on the interior on the ceiling. A console (Star Plotter) allows the user to enter some dates, and a viewer focuses on some region of the sky, sometimes a specific constellation.

The purpose of the Planetarium to Atrus is obscure, perhaps a way to study constellations on some Age or Ages. At least some of the constellations correspond to some noted by Atrus on the Stoneship Journal.

The interior of the Myst Tower provides some dates, which are intended to be used on the Planetarium console, which result to some constellations. Those in turn provide the combination for the buttons surrounding the pool.

Notes & Trivia[]