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The Pod Age is an Age accessible through D'ni's Museum. Likely written for the study of ecosystems, all the available linking coordinates to this Age are contained within Pods, which act as observation chambers and protect visitors from possible environmental hazards. A linking book back to Nexus is available in the lowest level of each pod.

A map of the Age in the Museum provides information on the existence of possibly 25 Pods accessible in the Age (since the map covers part of the land, only 13 of the estimated total are marked on the document), though only four Linking Books are available close to where the map is located in Ae'gura. The four books enable access to three (Payiferen, Negilahn and Dereno) of the six major documented "continents" of the age, plus a pod in an underwater area in the same age (Tetsonot). These available pods are commonly referred to as "Pod Ages".

It must be noted that there are inaccessible pods in other continents (such as pods numbered 7 and 24 in Cheecho, a continent located to the east of Paiyferen) as well as pods in the same continent (such as the ones numbered 1, 5, 12, 13 and 19, which are all located in Payiferen. The only accessible one in the continent is pod #13).

A full day cycle in the Pod Age takes slightly less than 15h and 45 minutes in Earth time to complete. This cycle is better observable in the Payiferen pod, though there is evidence of these cycles in the other available pods. Portals leading to a Bahro Cave are known to appear in all accessible pods at regular intervals (namely, once every Pod Age day cycle), but their actual relation to the Age itself is unknown. Since linking books to other pods are unavailable, it is unknown whether these portals appear in them as well.

Although another pod is known to exist in the Age of Todelmer, it is differently structured (it is larger, has more observation windows, and doesn't make use of a battery powered system to control its functions, to name a few). It is unknown whether the pod in Todelmer is in any way related to the ones found in the Pod Age.