A life form that is part of the native Narayan ecosystem. It is a huge airborne spore sac that abides in the vaporous atmosphere.[1] They resemble milky-white pearls with some pink.[2] The spores periodically migrate underwater and replenish themselves with hot carbon gases emitted by the geothermal vents. A reinflated spore typically floats up to the surface. A molecular gas exchange causes it to release oxygen replenishing it in the atmosphere.[1] If left attended, they burst in the hot steam.[2]

Narayani harvest drifting spores and Weave the lattice roots into netlike enclosures around them to support growing lattice and force the roots to grow upward. The result is a Lattice Trees and other stable lattice-based structures that form the foundation for Narayani cities. Their civilization is entirely founded upon the ability to capture puffer spores drifting from the geothermal vents.[1] Spores are lured with pipe playing and captured with nets.[2]

Saavedro showed Atrus how the harvesting is done; after weaving a nice into branches, he took him to a rift, where the sea flows through gaps, anticipating the spores. At dusk they begun rising and once they noticed a small one to fit the niche, Saavedro played with his pipe drawing the spore and Atrus threw a net. [2]