The Great Temple of D'ni, built along the Great Zero. It was dedicated by Ri'neref to the Regeltavok of Oorpah.

The building of a Temple was one of King Ri'neref's top priorities. There were delays with the construction plans because of disagreements as to specifics. Himself he lived in a nondescript house, refusing to have a palace while Yahvo had none. Construction was started in 48 and finished in 63. The Regeltovokum, served as a place of worship as well as a reminder of the prophesied Great King foreseen by Oorpah.[1] The gold throne of the King of D'ni was there, until the Temple of the Great King was finished, and the throne was moved there.[2]

By the time of King Me'erta, the mainstream religion diminished and the Temple was mostly empty.[3]

Things changed under the influence of Tevahr. In 3112 King Rakeri announced plans for grand renovations (an almost complete reconstruction) taking advantage of handheld extruder technology, and was completed in 3123. Fahlee, the greatest painter of the D'ni Renaissance, painted the inside of the Temple, his final masterpiece.[4]

King Kedri did further additions.[5]