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Releeshahn was an Age written by Atrus shortly after the events of Riven and the Book of D'ni. Releeshahn means "The Whole" in D'ni, a term Anna, Atrus' grandmother, used with Atrus to get him to understand every aspect of a situation.


The descriptive book was kept in Atrus's study in Tomahna but was stolen by Saavedro; the Stranger journeyed through the Ages of J'nanin to reach Narayan and get it back. After imprisoning Saavedro, the defeated man returned it and the Stranger then released him to the city in Narayan.[1]

With the help of a Bahro, Dr. Watson linked to Releeshahn at the end of Myst V.[2]


Atrus early realized that he should base the Age he would write on an underlying concept, which should be weighed very carefully, and would allow the D'ni people to continue on their way, grow and thrive. At first he worried about energy, nature, or dynamic forces before finally deciding to include them all in a balance of systems. This combination would enable the D'ni to be challenged to attain their ultimate potential.[3]

It is mountainous and has forests, grassy plains, and overall appears to be a utopia. It is presumed the D'ni lived in peace in Releeshahn until the end of time. The Age appears to resemble D'ni, except it is on the surface.[2]


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