Richard A. Watson, also known as Dr. Watson, is an employee of Cyan Worlds and was a programmer for Myst and Riven.

Watson joined Cyan in September 1992 and worked as Rand Miller's programming assistant on the original Myst for Macintosh. The two worked in a small addition on the back of his double-wide mobile home while most of the other employees worked from their own homes. In the process he worked for the Manhole, Osmo and Spelunx, answered the tech support phone calls, programmed The Manhole Masterpiece Edition, an update to Cosmic Osmo, and the colorization of Spelunx.[1]

He was Game Designer for Riven where he appointed himself "Continuity Guy" (including checking and correcting for inconsistencies between images), worked on D'ni Language. He used to answer almost all of Cyan's mail, and eventually ended up hanging out in CyanChat, spending a great deal contributing to the RivenLyst mailing list as "D'ni Historian".[1]

He is famous within the Myst fanbase for his extensive knowledge of D'ni culture and for answering fan questions through e-mail. Most of his e-mails to fans reveal the inner workings of D'ni, as well as explaining people and events that were not fully explained within the games or novels. One of his e-mails became infamous for contradicting official game canon, where he explained that Trap Books are not official canon and cannot be created with The Art, sending fans into an uproar [2].

His most recent work include working on reformatting Myst assets for the iPhone.[1]

He has five sons, four of which homeschooled.[1]

Dr. Watson

The persona of Dr. Watson is based on Watson's inside extensive information he shared with the fanbase. The persona started when he was jokingly credited as such in the Riven Soundtrack booklet, and the nickname stuck.[3] Dr. Watson however is 10 years older and had a doctorate in archeology.[1]

A recording of him can be heard in the Kirel Community Room.[4] However this clip wasn't voiced by real Watson, but by David Ogden Stiers. Real Watson provided the warbled D'ni language speech clip (with some digital distortion).[5]


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