The wife of King Ti'amel and mother of King Kedri.


She married Ti'amel in 3477. The public considered her an incredible woman. Despite Ti'amel had relations with different women, Shama stayed with him through his entire life. Lalen wrote that she was a faithful follower of Yahvo and believed that she could not break the promise she had made. Prophetess Bethsheba and others said she used Ti'amel, and the marriage for her benefit. She was intelligent and Ti'amel could be easily persuaded by her; though it was never stated publicly, for all practical purposes she held the throne once she entered the palace.

Despite Ti'amel's bad leadership, the D'ni people focused on her high example.

Women, such as actresses, participated in the Minor Guilds although they had never been officially recognized as members. In 3500 women became eligible for Minor Guild education. There was a push to allow women to join the Major Guilds as well as the Minor.

In 3523 as the D'ni Council debated whether or not to allow women into the Major Guilds, Shama gave a speech strongly disagreeing with women being in governmental positions (a seemingly ironic view as she basically "ruled" D'ni at the time). She argued that women had much more important duties including the guiding of children. Following her speech, the matter seemed to fade away in the next years.

In 3574, Shama gave birth to Ti'amel's first son (at least that the public knew of), Kedri. She vowed he would not be the same kind of man as his father, and for the remaining years of Ti'amel's reign, she focused on his raising. A daughter was born 30 years later and Shama raised her with equal resolve.[1]

When Ti'amel died, Kedri's coronation was the proudest moment of her life. She passed away in 3689.

Kedri established the Shamathen District on Ae'gura.[2]

Lalen wrote "Shama".