An influential D'ni playwright.


His first play dealt with the Pento War and the Great King Ahlsendar himself. It was hosted in 2397 by the Eamis Theatre Company and King Naygen praised it. It ended up being sold out for three straight weeks and marked not only the start of theater as a popular entertainment source within the culture, but also the beginning of the Pento War subject, which would go on to become one of the most dealt with topics of their history in their Art. That year alo marked the start of the D'ni Renaissance.

Sirreh later supported Naygen's proposal to split the Guild of Fine Artists into Minor Guilds dedicated to various arts.

In memorial of Naygen, Sirreh wrote another of the more popular of his plays entitled "Our Great King". It was the first play performed by the Minor Guild of Actors in 2535.[1]