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Sirrus Myst

Sirrus in Myst

Sirrus was the son of Atrus and Catherine.


Sirrus was younger than Achenar by 2 years.[1] Their father viewed his sons as the future of D'ni and paid much attention to their education. When Sirrus was just 8 years old, Anna died accidentally.[2] Her death shattered the family. Atrus buried himself in work, spending less and less time with his sons, while Catherine was too consummed by sorrow to see that her sons needed her most. Sirrus must have seen this as rejection, but his pride didn't let it show.[3]

Early explorationsEdit

Atrus took the brothers to the Ages he had written. They had been to Serenia[2] as well as Everdunes where they met Pran and her people. He considered teaching them The Art and employed Saavedro to teach him the principles of interdependence in Narayan.[4]

Their biggest adventure was in Channelwood where they socialized with the Tree-dwellers, and picked their language fast. When Atrus had to leave for Osmoian, Sirrus insisted to let them stay; Atrus reluctantly consented, with the warning not to take advantage of the respect the creatures had for them. During the following 3 days, the brothers constructed a boat with the creatures and explored the surrounding waters. When Atrus returned, he said that their old friend Pran had died, and he and their mother suggested that they should leave for a while. The brothers were made enthusiastic by their experiences and asked to return again, or explore some other Ages alone.[5]

Sirrus helped Atrus with the Mazerunner in Selenitic.[6]

To his excitement, Atrus brought Sirrus to Rime to help with the Crystal viewer. Sirrus enjoyed the cold and ice and was intrigued with the crystals they brought.[7] After the shaft and an observation post were completed Sirrus was consumed with studying the crystals of and the Ages inside of the book that appeared. After much experimenting with the crystal shapes, a nearly perfect view of an Age appeared, and the brothers were excited that they could see Channelwood or Stoneship.[8]

With 4 of the healthiest survivors of Mechanical, they built a fortress. The boys were working on small projects of their own on the south island where most of the materials were stored.[9]


Sirrus started to feel much pressed by their father and, ignoring his warnings and instructions, decided to sail away from the Fortress, towards the Black Ships territory to escape. He threw to the sea his father's journal which Achenar was reading. Eventually, the Black Ships found the brothers and confiscated their boat. They were taken before the Ebony Cardinal, who seemed interested to hear that the captives were the sons of his enemy, the Atrus. Sirrus saw an opportunity, and had a proposition for him, in exchange for safe passage through their waters, knowing that this would give themselves freedom away from their father. Sirrus was enchanted by the lifestyle of the pirates and their luxury and he helped them upgrade some of their technologies with knowledge he had from hs father. The Ebony Cardinal then accepted them for the bond of initiation and be his sons. Sirrus almost had a slave killed for spilling his wine.

During those days, Sirrus had thoughts that if they possessed their father's books. He planned to return to Myst and take all the books with them. Then they'd destroy the books in Camder so that Atrus would be stranded there. Then they'd lead the Black Ships to other Ages and utilize them to become their masters.

While they were missing, their parents were worrying about them so when they returned to the Fortress, they were scolded before taken back to Myst. There, Sirrus stole a Linking Book from the Myst Library and brought it to the Ebony Cardinal.[10]


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