The ninth King of D'ni.


Born in 1423, Solath was the son of the Grand Master of the Guild of Writers and had helped King Ahlsendar create the Book that was responsible for Ahlsendar's Plague.

Solath was Ahlsendar's chosen heir. When he buried himself in the Temple of the Great King, Solath took temporary charge. However, after 6 months had passed, Solath read publicly Ahlsendar's will, where he revealed that he was not to return, the seal on the Temple should never be broken, and that Solath should be officially crowned as permanent King. There weas disbelief at the statements but Solath's shock was so genuine that the will was never considered a hoax.

He took the throne in 1502 at the age of 79. At his coronation ceremony Solath was given a newly designed crown as Ahlsendar had retained his own and it was common opinion among the D'ni that such a crown should not be worn again. Upon his orders the Temple of the Great King was renamed the Tomb of the Great King, and Ahlsendar was assumed dead.

Regardless, Solath inherited a fairly stable culture although one that was on the fringe of religious anarchy, as the people was left without their greatest leader

The people was found in religious upheaval because of "The Book of Nemiya" which was written against the Great King. Apparently he took offense and heavily accused Nemiya. Even when the book found supporters, Solath tried to keep the D'ni people unified. In order to district the public from the religious arguments, in 1604 he announced his plans to create the civic Karim District including an opera house and concert hall. Although the real motivation was obvious to the public, they welcomed the proposal with excitement, and the culture remained fairly stable for the rest of his reign.

Solath had two daughters when his wife passed away in 1735. Against the advice of a prophetess, he married again to Jolatha, a younger woman, as she was claimed to be a well-known member of The Tree (although Solath denied this until his death). She gave birth to Solath's first son Me'erta. Solath was extremely pleased, but many in the religious community were somewhat apprehensive.

Solath died in 1779 at 356 years old and left the throne to his first-born son.