Myst Rocket

The Rocket linking to the Selenitic Age.

The Spaceship is a mysterious structure on Myst Island, serving as a hiding location for the Linking Book to Selenitic.

It has an organ, and a device with sliders which, when played the appropriate sound, unlock the Linking Book.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • In an early concept map of the Age, the Age would be visited by the same Spaceship that exists on Myst. Once the player arrives, the Spaceship is not powered is therefore dead (in the final game, the Selenitic Spaceship is just an inoperative replica of Myst Island's).
  • Selenitic is the only Age in Myst that has no Linking Book; instead, a spherical screen is activated by the organ puzzle in the rocket ship, which functions as a Linking Panel. Watson has explained that this is how they rendered the information that the book was powered by some sort of machinery.[1] In Myst VR however, the organ puzzle causes a round panel to revolve, revealing the Selenitic Linking Book attached there, which can be opened normally.