The second of the Great Diggers and quite a bit more powerful and technologically advanced than the older Stone Eater.

It was created in 5359 and became a great asset for major expansion. King Me'emen immediately ordered the Guild of Miners to begin "clearing" an area (along with Stone Eater) for a new industrial district replacing Nehw'eril. In 5475 actual construction begun on the new industrial section Uran.[1]

During the reign of King Lanaren, Stone Tooth begun constructing a tunnel connecting the D'ni City and Ae'gura in 5714. The project was halted 20 years later after protests by Guild Masters and alleged environmental concerns, and the digger was sent to clear space for new districts near Ashem'en. In 5856 Stone Tooth was ordered to begin further exploration of the cavern by way of new tunnels.[2]