Tamra was a Narayani woman, the wife of Saavedro. Together they had two daughters.

Tamra was carving a Spirit Mask into the Lattice Tree when she noticed two boys arrive on a glide ship in the sky and directed Saavedro's attention to them; they were Sirrus and Achenar who came from another Age to be educated.

When they grew up, the brothers caused a rift between the factions of Narayan. Tamra was worried for the risin tempers and wanted to take the children home and begged for Saavedro to do something and end the tension.

The brothers left leaving Narayan in shatters. Saavedro followed them away hoping that Tamra had made it to reef, and that she would heal the Lattice roots. When Saavedro returned to Narayan and found pieces of the Lattice Tree, he believed his people and Tamra were killed.

When he escaped to Tomahna, he heard Catherine's laughter and or a moment he thought it was Tamra.[1]

Some entries in his journal are directed to Tamra's memory. He started to forget her face and he tried to paint her potrait in the Observatory. When The Stranger opened the ice shield of Narayan, Saavedro realised that his people was alive and returned hoping that he would find Tamra.