Tasera is the wife of Kahlis and the mother of Aitrus.

Family of Tasera
Relation Male Female
Parents Gehn (older)
Spouse Kahlis
Children Aitrus
Grandchildren Gehn

She used to tease her son about his obsession with rocks and geological processes, thinking it unnatural.

While their son was away to the Journey to the Surface, she wrote him letters with cheerful news from home, and chatter about old family friends.[1]

She tends to look after Gehn as a child.

When the poisonious cloud overtakes D'ni City, Tasera evacuates with Ti'ana and Gehn to Gemedet (age). It is there that she waits for Aitrus and Kahlis to return with news. Unfortunately, when Aitrus does return, it's with the news that he is dying from the virus that killed Kahlis. Stricken with grief, Tasera is bedridden and in the morning she dies. They bury her on Gemedet and pay their respects as they leave to escape to the surface.


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