The Burrower was one of the four major pieces of mining equipment used by the D'ni.

Along with its "twin", the Rock Biter, it was created by a joint effort of the Guilds of Surveyors, Miners, Mechanists and Engineers, under the orders of King Jaron to create new drills and machinery.[1]

It was christened in 6430 along with the Rock Biter and began work on the widening of the Rudenna Passage.[1] In 6601 the machines discovered a new cavern which proved unprofitable. Burrower was assigned with the older Stone Eater to further exploration past the cavern.[2]

In 7539 with the Old Stone Teeth and the Rock Biter, they broke through the lower caverns and opened the Tijali Mines.

Though used for other projects, its main use in the series was assisting with the creation of the Great Shaft.

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