A D'ni cult. The Tree believed that the ancient books buried in the Tomb of the Great King held symbolic power.[1]

Jolatha, the consort of King Solath, was a well-known member of the Tree, although Solath always denied it.[2] During the reign of their son, King Me'emen, Jolatha ruled through him. In 1817 he proposed construction of the Temple of the Tree.[1] Ramel was also a member of The Tree, reknowned for her beauty, pushed by Jolatha to be Me'erta's lover so as to manipulate him towards the interests of the cult.[3]

During the time of Ahlsendar's Plague, King Behnashiren saught the help from The Tree.[4]

By the time of King Asemlef, it, as well as some old cults, had vanished for the most part leaving way to disagreements in the beliefs of Yahvo.[5]