A mysterious and controversial prophet. His real name never became known.


It was rumored that he was born in mid-link by a D'ni woman who was evacuating from the disaster of the mining Age of Trases, in 4334.[1]

He claimed to see visions of the past, present and future, which he wrote; but never knowing when they belonged. The Watcher spent his life on secret, secluded Ages.[2] In 4500 he wrote down his visions in he work called "Words". It was believed that the queen consort of King Ji was his daughter. In any case, she was very interested in his writings and convinced Ji to do the same.

In 4606 he was reported dead, although many people claimed to have seen and spoken to him afterwards. When Ji's wife vanished, it was said that she went to join her father.[3]


His prophecies didn't catch on well, but after some events, he became more and more popular, depending on how accurate his followers viewed his visions. Over the course of time a large number of his books were printed, and remained throughout all he D'ni City.[2]

In late 4000 The Watcher's Sanctuary was constructed in J'taeri District, obviously to honor him.[2]

King Demath denounced the words of the Watcher as pure rubbish and nothing more than "a desperately lonely man seeking attention."[4]

Afer the death of Faresh's daughter, believed to have been prophecized by the Watcher, many begun to study his words again, resulting in a new philosophical chaos.[5]

It is said that King Jaron was motivated by the prophecies of the Watcher ("because of tunnels D'ni has changed forever") and was obsessed with expansion and exploration of the Cavern, never explaining his drive.[6]

By the time of King Asemlef, the people were confused and divided among the teachings of the Watcher, Nemiya, Gish, Tevahr and others. By the time of Kerath, the original beliefs of Ri'neref had been forgotten.[7][8]