The nineteenth King of D'ni


Born in 3383, Ti'amel was officially the third son of King Tejara and his wife, however there were rumors that his mother was one of his younger lovers. Nothing was proven either way as both the queen consort and said lover died when Ti'amel was 2 years old. Like his father, his major concern was personal pleasure, although he was not nearly as clever to hide it. He took the throne in 3422 at the young age of 39.

In 3469 Ti'amel gave the christening speech for the Stone Eater the first colossal digging machine of the Guild of Miners. He claimed quite a bit of the credit for its construction, although he had nothing to do with it, failing to mention the name of Grand Master Namen who actually led the effort; Namen was much angered for this.

He married Shama in 3477 who proved to be very intelligent and popular. Like his father, he carried out relations with different women besides his wife, and despite this, Shama (whom the public considered a rather incredible woman) stayed with him. Unlike his father, Ti'amel was more easily persuaded by his women, and from the day of his marriage, it was believed that Shama ruled the throne.

Despite his bad leadership, the D'ni people remained strong in their beliefs and purposes, focusing on the high example of his wife.

In 3574 Ti'amel's first known son was born, Kedri. He also had a daughter born in 3614.

Ti'amel passed away from an unknown disease in 3654 at the age of 271, giving the throne to Kedri.