The Grand Master of the Guild of Writers during the time of King Me'erta.

In 1975, the King (obviously directed by his mother Jolatha) attempted to change the rules and restrictions of the Guild including, altering their oath, in order to leave them more "flexible" in their writing and allow the D'ni people "to do more".

Tremal staunchly resisted and adamantly opposed any "crack" in their tradition, refusing to change the oath Ailesh had written. If those rules and oaths had changed, the path of Terahnee would not have been long behind. "And that is why we exist," wrote Tremal.

The debate lasted for four days, as the King returned with more instructions from Jolatha. As it turns out, the refusal cost Tremal his life, many say on order from Jolatha. He was found bleeding, hung from a tree. Me'erta was shocked, but Jolatha was happy to hear it.[1] The Guild, as a whole, refused the changes in support of their fallen comrade. Eventually, Jolatha/Me'erta, gave up trying. Years later, many, like Temas, viewed Tremal's refusal as one of the most heroic deeds of D'ni history.[2]