Adien Shepard

  • I live in The Devil's Triangle
  • My occupation is Inventor
  • I am Happy To Be Alive'ni_Wiki

A K3y Encryption Cannot Be Opened Without a K3y For Example If You Had a 34-34 34-34 K3y=72 Lock

                                          ^ Without a Wireless Transmitter Containing The Numbers 72 You Cannot Open The Lock

A Ki Is a Small Wireless Transmitter The Size of a Wrist Watch Containing The Last Two Digit Number To Open a K3y

Encryption Lock These Locks Are Found On Beamships Cars And Even Most Doors As Well As Linking Books 

As Long As The Wireless Transmitter Is In Range of a K3y Encryption Lock The Door

Will Open All K3y Lock Encryption Codes Are Randomly Generated

K3y Encryption Introduction a K3y.Exe File Is a File That Contains Two Sequences of The Number Three Excluding The Third

Sequence Which Is Required To Open a K3y.Exe File

Encryption Methods Are As Follows 33-33 33-33 K3y=24

                ^ A K3y.Exe File With The Number 24 Must Be Present To Open a K3y Encrypted Digital
Lock If No K3y.Exe File Is Present The Encrypted Digital Lock Cannot Be Opened
File:Myst Linking Book.png

During The D'ni Golden Age of Space Travel The D'ni Discovered How To Manipulate Into Physical Objects Such As Cars Beamships And Alloys Was Used To Power Much of D'ni And Was Used As Fuel 

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